Take away as well as lunch and brunch companies below.

Memorable Parties

A company is about many things. It's about the prelude. About to rejoice. Expectation of the good company of close and perhaps new friends.

It's about the table's joys. New flavors, delectable wines and memories that propagate to the topic of conversation many years after you still talk about the food, the company and
Can you remember that time ...? The memories that make a party something special and that is something we are very aware of.


At Mortens Kro we understand how to create memories, and we are every year
the focal point of many weddings, birthdays and celebrations. In addition to our private banqueting room, which accommodates up to 50 guests, we can stay up to 150 in the main restaurant.


At the same time, we reserve - at more than 60 guests - very much the whole house exclusively, so you have the opportunity to hold the party in good and luxurious surroundings - with high ceilings and room for arm movements, quite private. In the summer months we also offer fine outdoor facilities for receptions, tents in our courtyard around the fountain or welcome arrangements etc.


The possibilities are many and we have all the necessary facilities and equipment from music and microphone installations for canvas and projector. At the same time, we will make sure that your party will be exactly what you dream of. The mission is by all means to create the greatest possible moment of beauty for you and your guests.


Hereby a standing invitation to an informal conversation about how we can meet your wishes and needs.
See also the next page various examples of possibilities. Some may think that it is expensive to hold a party at Mortens Kro, but this often turns out to be far from being the case.


CONTACT karina@mortenskro.dk for offers / booking



Monday-Thursday (not holidays) - congregation on my 24 envelopes- offered a 3 course menu (after seasonal ingredients raw fish main course meat and seasonal dessert) with 3 glasses of wine and final coffee / tea with homemade sweet 598, - cover with white cotton duvet white light flowers and cotton napkins are included in the price.



Standing Welcome Drink: 1 glass of Asti Spumante and waiters offer appetizers.


4 course menu with


Shelf berries marinated cod fillet served with lemon jelly-rooted salads and homemade biodynamic bread

Rice risotto with seasonal mushrooms and confectionery landing.

Fried Danish beef stew - served with red wine sauce / pepper / bearnaise sauce and garnish and potato.

Pastry chef Fabian Chevreuil's Garteau Marcel served with seasonal fruits / berries.



Add to this ½ bottle of Chardonnay from the south of France ½ bottle of Merlot South France,
1 glass of dessert wine and coffee / tea with 3 kinds of homemade sweet.
Price per envelope at min. 25 envelopes DKK 798.00 weekdays Monday to Thursday only 6



Standing welcome drink: Spanish Cava Brut and waiters break appetizers.


4 course season menu with

Hot fishing right from the seasonal tasting menu
Buzzard risotto with Læsø virgin lobster

Danish veal fillet with Morkel sauce and seasonal garnish.
Pastry chef Fabien Chevreuil's dessert plate after the season's seasonal menu.



Add to this ½ bottle of suavignon blanc from Loire white wine,
½ bottle of Southern French Merlot / Pinot Noir red wine, 1 glass
dessert wine and coffee / tea with 3 kinds of homemade sweet.
Price per envelope at min. 25 envelopes DKK 898.00 / weekday Monday to Thursday only 798, -



Standing Welcome Drink: Moët & Chandon Brut Imperial Champagne - Waiters are offering appetizers.


4 course season tasting menu


Warm dish of freshly caught western sea fish,

Seafood dish with scallop or Norway lobster,

Danish hook-type veal sandwich served with Morkel sauce

Pastry chef Fabien Chevreuil's dessert plate incl. Dessert from the season's tasting menu.




½ bottle of Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand,

½ bottle of Valpolicella Riepasso superior from Veneto Italy.

1 glass of Pineau des Charentes dessert wine

coffee / tea with 3 kinds of homemade sweet.
Price per envelope at min. 25 envelopes DKK 998.00



Customized / Theme We are happy to hear about special requests, and
will make us your party will be exactly what you dream of.
Therefore, we also invite you to a glass of wine / coffee
and go through the cases together, then come
with an overall presentation at the event.





We like to use our many years of expertise in conducting one
Successful party to guide you through the day and help with
everything from entertainment to music and corporate planning.



Do they want to invite youre friends to an informal early lunch company,
Then we offer a delicious Brunch Buffet
incl. Juice, Coffee and The
Minimum 35 people per envelope 338, -



3 pieces of modern butter bread served with 1 fl Morten beer 50 cl. and 1 optional snaps. and final coffee / tea at homemade sweet 338, - at minimum 25 envelopes.



We look forward to welcoming you at Mortens Kro



In case you visit visiting guests, we have established good cooperation
with Comwell Hotel Hvide houses like to help with good deals in
connection with companies at Mortens Kro. The hotel goes
being among the city's absolute best is just 15 minutes
walked from the restaurant and was renovated in 2016




Contact us by phone +45 9812 4860 or email:
Karina@Mortenskro.dk for a great offer of food out of the house,
buffet, reception or gourmet menu
- with or without accompanying cook


SPRING MENU (example)


Appetizer / elderberry marinated cod fillet served with compote of aspargus, fresh horseradish small salads and mustard sauce and our homemade biodynamic bread and local butter from Aabybro

Main course / low temperature fried Danish veal fillet served with pepper sauce with green peppercorns roasted small potatoes and autumn vegetables. homemade cranberry compote.

Dessert / Confectioner Fabians Gâteau marcel decorated with macarons and marshmellow.

Price per envelope at my 24 envelopes 298, - per envelope. free delivery in 9000/9220/9210/9200/9400 Aalborg.